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Guest Celcecus

An area to post about you’re maps you are making and to get them more popular through sharing their names/IDs.


My world’s name: Forsaken Temple Survival

ID: 10084990

Please post about yours in a similar fashion and include a description of the world so that users know what to look for.

Example description: You have arrived at the ancient village. Many have tried their luck at The Forsaken Temple; all have failed. Legend tells that it is filled with resources and even contains a little known mystery, that it extends into a Nether Stronghold via a portal, of which has a sealable door on either side. You’re mission is to simply explore the temple and plunder all and any loot you can! But be careful; you must gather resources from you’re environment to equip yourself with the tools required to survive this bombarding journey, as hostile creatures live scattered in the stronghold, and in the alleys of the village and inside the temple. May the best of luck be with you, and may you be rewarded richly!

Then you need to make plans for you’re world, and repost after the changes have been made.

Example plans:


Planned Updates:

-Increase village size

-Make terrain more smooth for newer buildings

-increase stronghold size

-add more loot for players to seize

-many more!


However, to keep popularity growing, you must support a like goal before you publish the update. In my case, I’m going to wait until I have 260 likes before I update my map. (Btw, all are more than welcome to join it!)


Please publish you’re map submissions in the same format to the best of you’re ability. All suggestions are welcome!

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