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Found 2 results

  1. I recently found a very annoying bug in the later game of Realmcraft. I play in a survival realmcraft world and had great fun but i met an obstacle: In the nether, at my last used netherportal, i cannot reach a certain chunk. If i use said netherportal the loading screen will load endlessly and if i intend to go to the chunk my game freezes. I was able to figure out that with the lower the render distance is, the closer i can get to the chunk without freezing, so i assume this is connected. Unusal part of that part of the nether contain a leashed horse, a netherportal that has been partly blocked by dirt blocks(although i know this would just spawn another portal if it was a problem) and the floor is made of half sandstone slaps. Please tell me if i can do anything against this bug and if it can appear more often. I believe you can fix it if you need seed/map i can give them to you but please instruct me on how to do so. I hope you have time to fix this. Yours faithfully, a realmcraft player Ps. Its actually a great game and i enjoy it a lot, so thx for creating realmcraft
  2. Aldo


    Hola, tuve un error al estar en un mundo ... Estaba en el juego de dentro del mundo y seleccionó la opción para expandir la visibilidad del mundo (trozos, creo que se llama) en el medio. En el video adjunto puedes ver que me quedé más de 30 segundos cargando (y más que eso), Adjunté también el número de la compilación y mi teléfono en un Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L23 Sin título 3 1280x720 3,78Mbps 2018-02-06 18-55-13.mp4
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