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  1. 😨 Argh... potion! I always meant potions! Sh.. auto corrector.. 😒 ❓My friends use a lot of mobs (decoration, dragons, etc) in MineCraft are these also possible at RealmCraft? 😊
  2. 😟 Why don't you answer my questions? THX to my friends who have MineCraft, they DO help me... So a funnel is for enlarging the oven or other manufactory... I put the funnel over the oven and put all my iron blocks in and the oven is melting it automatically to iron ingot till the coal is empty. ❓Can you also put a funnel under the oven filled with coal, so that it goes automatically into the oven? In MineCraft my friends told me it is possible. Now I could craft a magic table/box, but I don't know what to put in the second place. ❓My friends say lapis lazuli (?).. I didn't find it yet in the underground... ❓Any tipps where it normally "grows"? ❓Some recipes for poision would be great, cause I still can't make poison. Still LG KaT.
  3. Hi again, I am sorry, but I really enjoy playing this game... so tried some things and found out: - the boiler is for having water! When I put water in with the bucket, the boiler was full. - brewing stand/stall needs bottles filled with water! So I could create potions!? OK I go get some flowers and other stuff. Let's try and error! Or are there any recipes anywhere? The dailight sensor is a solar cell! So next to an electric lamp, the lamp gets energy! OK can you give energy to any energy needing thing with that sensor...? I still don't know what the funnel is for...?
  4. Man kann auf meinem Hintergrundbild den Braustand gar nicht sehen, hier ein Screenshot und ein Screenshot davon, dass ich einen bauen kann im survival. Aber die Frage bleibt, was kann ich damit machen und wie? You can not see the brewing state on my background image, here is a screenshot of it and a screenshot that I can build one in survival. But the question remains, what can I do with it and how?
  5. Danke für eure Antwort! Aber leider habt ihr meine Fragen nicht beantwortet. Falls ihr irgendwo schon darüber geschrieben habt und ich hier falsch bin, linkt mich bitte dorthin!! Doch konnte ich! Aber was kann ich damit machen? Man kann im Spiel in den Kreativmodus wechseln? Wozu? Ich habe bis jetzt immer auf survival geklickt und spiele dort einen Speicherstand, den ich auf einfach gestellt hatte. Ich habe einen Kessel, aber wozu brauche ich ihn? Ich habe den Braustand draufgestellt - sieht gut aus - siehe mein Hintergrundbild. Ich habe auch schon einen Trichter. Man kann Sachen reintun, aber es passiert nichts. Muss man bestimmte Sachen hineintun? Das wäre toll! Wozu brauche ich einen Tageslicht Sensor? Was macht der und wo bringe ich den am besten an? Thank you for your answer! But unfortunately you have not answered my questions. If you've already written about it somewhere and I'm wrong here, please link me there !! But I could! I was able to create a brewing stall! But what can I do with it? You can switch to creative mode in the game? What for? I have always clicked on survival and play on a saved file that I had set to easy. I have a kettle, but why do I need it? I put the brew on it - looks good - see my wallpaper. I already have a funnel. You can put things in, but nothing happens. Do you have to put in certain things? That (a German subforum) would be great! Why do I need a daylight sensor? What does he do and where do I best apply it? LG!!
  6. Hello, What (and how) can I do with a - brewing stand (Braustand) - boiler (Kessel) - funnel (Trichter) and for what is the dailight sensor and where should I place it - how does it work? I hope the google translator did translate the items correctly! - that's why, I put the German word behind it. Will there ever be a German Subforum? BTW: This game is fabolous!
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