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  1. What ia highest FPS in Realmcraft and how can I change my FPS. And yeah thanks for the Update.
  2. The issue of frozen world has been resolved. Update your Realmcraft to get access to your old frozed world. I am saying because I am playing my frozen world for two days and upto now it had not freezed.

  3. Well as the realmcraft update had arrived and now this issue is solved because my world had also frozed and after update I can now open my froze world
  4. I had made 3 worlds but all of them frozed. Is the bug or issue is resolved in the upcoming update of realmcraft. I am waiting for the update. When is the update coming.
  5. I really love the grafics of realmcraft and a lot of andventure Thanks to Realncraft and Tellurion for giving us the awesome game
  6. My world also frozed week ago but I hope in coming update this issue or bug will be resolved. Just simply send the world to the mail if you are an android user Go to my files application Then open internal storage Then open Android folder Open data folder Open com.tellurionmobile.realmcraft Open files There will be folder like $ 2253185 $ 2255446 etc they are random so dont confuse send those folders to the given mail and if you cant send them convert those folders to zip file then send And yeah also give the name of your world in the mail which frozed and also keep in mind dont delete those folders because later you can access them. I hope this bug will be resolved in coming update🥰.
  7. Well every seed is a best seed but the problem is that in which place are you used up. I am used on plain areas so i used the plain area seed and I like the plain area seed so its on you what you choose for youself🥰.
  8. Well the way that I keep them not spawning in my pool is that I dont use dirt or grass to make swimming pool instead as for base I use the carpet block in the pool and I now dont see them in my pool.
  9. By Increasing the brightness of screen will help you a little bit
  10. Well there is no discord channel but if you find a glitch or you need help then you can get that by simply go to home page of Realmcraft tap the I (info) button below and there you can access them by twitter or facebook or instagaram etc and yeah for nice tutorial subscribe their youtube channel , you will find the best Realmcraft Tutorial in the channel. But if you still want help through discord you can text me. Username PDヅJoKeR Tag #3917
  11. Can you give me more detail of the problem with the electrium torches. I hope it is not a bug if it is then you need to message the realmcraft or just tag the realmcraft in this topic. For exp you can use a monster spawner or killing of animals and monsters or breeding of animals. For automatic you can use a monster spawner in such a way that all zombies etc falls down on lava. If you need help or for more details just reply me .
  12. Skeletons, slime etc are spawning inside my house what can I do to prevent them from spawning inside my house in REALMCRAFT.
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