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  1. WOW, you had to take so long to develop this update ...
  2. it is a good improvement indeed
  3. The forum has 1 years old !!!
  4. hello, I think it would be cool to delete a topic that has nothing to do here: and add gravatar in our profile like on this forum :
  5. Hey and welcome here Gues abqariisawesome ! Look at the FAQ ^^ :
  6. simon511000

    Capture d’écran

    Look beautiful landscape...
  7. Indeed, it's really not easy to make an ios version of a game. @Tellurion Mobile Support advises you to look here https://developers.google.com/j2objc/
  8. This language has been translated. No mistake. Congratulations.
  9. Tank a lot @Tellurion Mobile Support for this seed
  10. Before reading this message, I want to clarify that it has been translated with google translation because I am French. I really like your game "Realmcraft". We see that you have taken time to develop it and that you are passionate about what you do. (Which is not the case for everyone). What I can suggest to improve your game to perfection is to add a setting to increase the brightness of the game because without torches, I see nothing, everything is black. Otherwise, the game is well done, but sometimes I break blocks without wanting to move. Know that I am extremely grateful for all the hours of development, the whole afternoon to debug ... I know what I'm talking about. Sincerely, Simon
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