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  1. 474890946, -1116295418, 757682734
  2. Hello. You're welcome Contact us if you have any other questions
  3. Hey, Davecreator. We plan to add this feature in future updates
  4. You can't change a spawn point in a multiplayer mode.
  5. Hey You should increase the difficulty level in the settings. If it's set to Peaceful - hostile mobs won't spawn.
  6. Try to reinstall the app. This should help.
  7. Hello. Please make sure that the difficulty level is higher than "Peaceful". If it's set to Peaceful - hostile mobs won't spawn.
  8. We'll consider your suggestion
  9. Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it You can spawn a trader using an Egg Spawner - Trader. This item is available in the shop.
  10. We plan to add a multiplayer mode in survival/creative modes in future.
  11. Thank you. We'll check these bugs and fix it in the next update.
  12. We plan to add some dimension in future updates. But perhaps it'll be some different dimension than End
  13. It's ok Good idea. We'll consider your suggestion!
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