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  1. Olá, Julia. Esclareça por favor qual dispositivo você usa para iniciar o aplicativo?
  2. Hello. There're a lot of diamonds in our game. You can find diamonds in chests, mine a diamond ore underground and get them during different events.
  3. Thank you so much. We appreciate it😊 We'll consider your suggestions.
  4. Hello. We plan to fix this bug in coming updates.
  5. Hello. We know about that problem and plan to fix it in the future. Thank you.
  6. Olá. Não no momento. Planejamos adicionar esses modos em atualizações futuras.
  7. Thank you. We'll fix it.
  8. Cześć. Powinieneś umieścić składnik w pierwszym slocie pieca. W drugim slocie należy umieścić trochę paliwa: mogą to być drewniane blocki, węgiel, wiadro z lawą itp. Proszę obejrzyj film w tym temacie.
  9. Thank you so much. We'll try to fix this bug in the next update.
  10. Hi. We'll consider your suggestion.
  11. Hello, RedRumBabe. It will be available again soon.
  12. Olá. Talvez possamos adicionar um chat no futuro.
  13. Hello. Sorry, we missed your message. Thank you for the information. We'll try to fix it in the next updates.
  14. Thank you for the detailed description. We'll check this bug and fix it asap.
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