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  1. Hello. First of all, you may decrease the difficulty level in the settings. Also try to use some more powerful weapon like diamond sword.
  2. Hello. Sure, there're villages in our game. You may find villages in plains, desert, savanna and taiga biomes. To cook food you should place some eatable item (raw meat) into the first slot of the furnace. Then you should place some fuel (wooden block, wooden items or lava bucket) into the second slot of the furnace.
  3. Currently multiplayer mode is available only in mini games and in pregenerated worlds in the "Worlds" window. In future updates we plan to add an ability to play with other players in your own worlds.
  4. Hello. Thank you for your feedback. We'll consider your suggestions😊
  5. Hello. What game did you download? Also please tell us the version of the app.
  6. Hello. There're some snow seeds in the Seeds sub-forum. Here's the link: You can use these seeds to create a new world and appear in some snow biome. You also may travel over your world and someday you'll find a snow biome. What blocks do you mean?
  7. Hello. Please tell us the name of the app and the version you use.
  8. Tellurion Mobile Support


    Thank you for help 😊
  9. Tellurion Mobile Support


    Hello, Mystery man. If you mean spam posts, we check it every day and try to delete posts and block those users asap.
  10. Unfortunately, there's no way to restore your building. In the new update this bug should be fixed.
  11. Здравствуйте. Единственный способ получить этот предмет - скрафтить его😊 Для этого Вам нужен одна долька арбуза и 8 золотых самородков.
  12. You should sign up to be able to attach files.
  13. Sorry, we didn't notice this message. We plan to release an iOS-version within a month.
  14. Hello. Please send us a screenshot of your mechanism and describe how it should works.
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