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  1. Witaj Tomsz. Istnieje około 10 różnych obrazów, które generują w losowy sposób.
  2. Thank you, Mia. We appreciate it😊
  3. You should set the graphics quality up to High 😊
  4. Hello. Please clarify what game you mean 😊
  5. Multiplayer is available only in the "Worlds" window. So you should choose one of pre-made worlds and enter it with your friends.
  6. Hello. Please tell us the name of the game and the version you used.
  7. Hello. What device do you use to launch the app? What game version do you use?
  8. Напишите, пожалуйста, какие именно обучающие видео Вас интересуют и мы постараемся выложить их в будущем.
  9. Hello 😊 To craft a beacon you need 5 blocks of glass, 3 blocks of obsidian and 1 unit of nether star. Nether star can be found in chests. Also it drops from Elemental (black nether mob). Btw, we've already added an in-game wiki and it contains all this information 😊
  10. Hello. Please clarify what you mean.
  11. We plan to add shields soon 😊
  12. Hi 😊 Try to reduce the render distance. Also please reboot your device. We plan to fix this bug in the nearest update.
  13. Hello. If you use an Android-device, you should connect your device to some PC or laptop. Then you should find a folder with worlds. In each folder there should be a screenshot of a world. This will help you to choose the right one. The next step is to add the necessary world to archive with the help of winrar, 7zip or some other soft and send us this archive 😊 Email address: support@tellurionmobile.com
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