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  1. RealmCraft 5.1.6 I was trying to craft orange wool for orange bed but I could not craft the third orange wool. It just dissappeared consuming the orange dye but not the white wool. YouCut_20210419_103414424.mp4
  2. YouCut_20210414_124615697.mp4 One 10 minutes test run yielded 1834 spring eggs.
  3. RealmCraft 5.0.5 -> 5.1.5 This has been the most annoying bug (or multiple bugs) for me since I started playing this game. But I haven't posted about it because it's difficult to try to explain and I assume you already know these problems. If I make some electrium contraption, an automatic sugarcane farm for example, it might work for a while but sometimes (but not allways) when it is loaded it will be broken. Pistons stuck on or off state. Or electrium stuck on or off state. Or hopper not pushing items into chest. In some other cases hoppers forget they are locked and push their contents out. Or sunlight detectors not activating. Or electrium lamp staying on without being powered. Sometimes mechanisms stop responding immediately when building. Sometimes it helps if I exit the world and load it again, but most often the only thing I can do is to break and place every block again. This means it is very frustrating to try to make anything more complicated. No point to build anything big because it needs to be reassembled almost every time when used. For me the main part of the game is to build a bases in survival mode and fill them with useful contraptions. I really hope this gets fixed someday.
  4. Abyss


    Eat a Snickers...
  5. Abyss

    Red dye recipe

    You can't craft red dye from rose bush, instead you can craft both red and yellow dye from sunflower.
  6. Abyss

    Unable to move

    Now it happened to me too. Respawning didn't help. My character is unable to move, equipment textures are missing and water does not flow. Jumping causes character to stuck in jumping animation. I remembered that this has happened before, on a new world, after the quest got update and my old worlds stopped to load. I had just completed the quest and next time I loaded that world it was broken like that. Now I had just completed the quest too. So I tested it. I prepared a new test world in creative mode and then I completed the quest in survival mode, exited and loaded the world again; it is now broken too. RealmCraft 5.1.0 - 5.1.5 Completing the survival quest makes player character to be permanently stuck next time world is loaded.
  7. Also monsters spawn on lower half slabs and carpets too. I saw a skeleton appearing in front of me 12 blocks away. I've just lost all of my valuables, fuel and building blocks to a creeper explosion.
  8. RealmCraft 5.1.5 If after dying in the nether, on death screen "main menu" is selected, all items in containers in the nether will be deleted. Also atleast minecarts with chest or hoppers will get erased too.
  9. RealmCraft 5.1.5 Trying to move waypoint but I can't add negative values in waypoint editor. I tried with on-screen keyboard, real keyboard and with copy&paste. Waypoint editor just does not allow adding a minus sign.
  10. Please add the trowel to survival game mode. A recipe for it or in to the coin shop. We can make over a hundred different slopes but cannot shape them in survival mode. I know I could toggle my world to creative mode and snugg it from there and toggle back to survival mode but then my world wouldn't be valid for leaderboards anymore. Right?
  11. Additional info: this seems to happen during night time.
  12. So gift boxes started appearing again. Very nice. However, they destroy non solid blocks. I had to disassemble my farm to prevent losing rails. I saw rails and torches getting erased by gift boxes.
  13. Abyss

    Loot table bug

    The bug is still there. I found this chest in a mineshaft. RealmCraft 5.1.5
  14. That's funny. It certainly seems to be a feature.
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