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    How to light up bacon?
  2. In this way you can only collect them in survival mode. After braking obsidian will from blocks.you have go near to collect them.
  3. -3635421352890 I found a village with this seed in realmcraft 5.0 how ever I entered the seed randomly when creating a new world I foun village
  4. You could improve your avatar shop or skins or whatever you call it. Insted of keeping bundles keep seperate parts,cloths,hair,hats, accessories etc. Make something which could look like this.
  5. Guys it's not that easy to add multiplayer in game. As a developer not of tellurion Mobile but of Roblox Corporation it takes time. So pls wait.
  6. Pranav


    Sorry but I didn't post it believe me I not using my phone from last 2 days. It could be my brother I apologise for it
  7. Pranav


    Can you tell me what the heck appeard when I was building my first house in survival mode
  8. Thanks for the totorial vedio as I mostly die in hands of skeletons.
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