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  1. Dear Arabian person, I know what you are thinking, but they don't even have blazes yet. Do not expect too much, little guy.
  2. I'm sorry for your inconvenience, but new spammers are back, come spamming nothing relative to the game again. Please be more serious about spamming, and please have someone to clear them manually.
  3. I think you meant one-block survival. This is NOT MINECRAFT, just a copy of it. There are NO SERVERS, NO SURVIVAL MAPS, NO MODS and NO GAME MODES. If you want to play one-block survival, GO PAY FOR THE GENUINE JAVA MINECRAFT. You poor little a**hole.
  4. world hello


    This is a biome. Shut up.
  5. Please reply, this is a huge game breaking problem, and it seems like you are underestimating the seriousness.
  6. world hello

    Meme seeds

    So as if you would know, there are meme numbers such as 69, 420, 666 and 1337. If anyone is willing to try out any combinations, feel free to leave the adventures in the comments.
  7. As the topic said, if anyone new (or anyone who wants to) is willing to try out single-digit seeds, please reply the adventures or the terrain in the replies Seed List (Constantly Updating) -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 is a nice little plain area with some forest. (Before Version 5) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  8. OK, this glitch is the most game breaking and only appears in recent, post-revamp versions. (Is that version 5?) When you craft, you ordinarily find something to craft and start smashing the "Craft" button quickly, multiple times. And apparently, when you pressed the button once, it AUTOMATICALLY CHANGES TO THE FIRST CRAFTING ITEM, mostly IRON BOOTS. This causes a LOT of iron to be wasted, and smelting it only return 1 in 36 iron ingots from 9 boots. This is the worst glitches happening in the game, other than the fact that the build limit is still 128. If anyone is also feeding back this, add the tag "IronBootsGlitch" in the post.
  9. world hello


    You need to MINE the obbie block to achieve the task. In fact, when the achievement detects you having obbie in your inventory, it will automatically fuktill the achievement.
  10. In my previous run, I only get about 20 blocks of lapis/Redstone per game, but recently, only three cave systems led to this... I am shocked. This is absolutely more than what I needed...
  11. world hello


    This literally means going deep down in the earth mining u fucker
  12. world hello


    So if you want to mine diamonds, just scout every cave by strip-mining and hunt and mine down every ore you find. Diamonds are near the bedrock (unbreakable gravel) level, and good luck. (honestly I found my first diamonds while I was mining around a lava pit)
  13. Hello developers, Boy would you screw up one more time, because I ain't frothing for the end to be added. I just want to ask what will be my target if I wanted to "speedrun" Tellurion-Craft. For example, I tried to get diamonds as fast as I could, and it was done in 13 minutes. Don't be an English noob. Thank you.
  14. Hello developers, I think you have misunderstood what my question is. Because the game doesn't have "the end" to clear the dragon and "finish" the game, I was asking for the main objective of the game if I want to play it competitively. Thank you.
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