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    To post a seed you want to share with please enter the seed and a short description of it. Have a good game
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    Guys it's not that easy to add multiplayer in game. As a developer not of tellurion Mobile but of Roblox Corporation it takes time. So pls wait.
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    What’s new in 5.0.0: We prepared an amazing long-awaited update for you - completely redesigned appearance of the game. It includes: Brand new User Interface (buttons, windows, menu etc.) Brand new blocks textures New blocks: Beacon, Lantern, Campfire, Sponge New Items: Trident, Shield, Crossbow In-game Wiki. Learn more about blocks and items reading their description (currently available only in English and Russian) Map. It displays a terrain around a player.
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    In the next update we're going to add: Beta version of the MULTIPLAYER: play and CHAT with other players in pregenerated worlds! NEW MOBS: Fish and Piranha Horse Armor Different Horse Coat Colours NEW SKINS Now you can change the size of controls/ to choose a joystick instead of buttons We added the durability of items. You can switch it off in the settings
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    Thanks for your feedback. That's a good idea We'll consider your proposition and perhaps will make our apps a controller compatible ones
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    I was playing Jurassic Craft and thought "hmm I should try to connect my ps4 controller". And I did, surprisingly I could walk forward, It would be sweet for the game to be controller compatible, and it would improve the gameplay, one problem I have is accidentally breaking blocks, I did this often when I was making worlds to upload. This would be an awesome and useful feature.
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    Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate your help and your support Perhaps we'll change it in the future but at the moment we don't plan to.
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    Thanks for your help We appreciate it!
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    Thanks for your feedback. No, at the moment you can import Realmcraft skins to Minecraft. Soon we'll add new skins
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    Look beautiful landscape...
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    1. The sources of light don’t emit it. Torches and other items don't emit the light only on the minimal settings of the graphics quality. You should go to Options - Graphic (third tab) - Graphics quality and set the slider to Medium/High. 2. How to make a portal to Nether? To make a portal to Nether you should make a rectangular frame, the size of which is 4x5 to 23x23 of obsidian blocks and to activate it with the help of flint and steel. 3. The app lags and crashes. What should I do? Perhaps your device doesn’t have enough of RAM for the correct functioning of our app. We recommend you to reduce the render distance and the graphics quality. It might help! 4. How to change skins? To change a skin of a player you should go to the settings of a game mode (gear icon right under game modes) and to tap the “Skins” button. 5. There’s a lot of advertisement in the app. How can I disable it? If you're concerned about the advertisement, you can disable it in our in-game store. Just tap the coins counter in the main menu and tap the “Stop ADS” button. It's a paid service. 6. How to put a saddle on a horse? To ride a horse you should tap the "Tame" button with an empty hand (maybe couple of times), after that you should tap the "Board" button, take the saddle and tap the "Saddle" button. 7. How soon will be the app updated/the new items, creatures, features added? We always work on improving our game and will update our app as soon as possible. Also we try to add new items, creatures, features into each new update. 8. I can’t feed my character. What should I do? You can feed your character only in the Survival mode. To eat some food the player should be hungry. You should take some eatable item, tap and hold your finger on the screen of your device. 9. How to fish? To catch some fish you should take a fishing rod, go to some water, to tap the "Fish" button and wait till the moment when it starts to bite (you’ll see some bubbles on the surface of water). At this moment you should tap the "Fish" button again. 10. How to grow plants using seeds? First of all you should to plow blocks of grass, using a hoe. After that you should plant some seeds onto those plowed blocks. Pay attention to the location of plowed blocks: a source of water should be near plowed block for the soil nutrition. To make the process of growing faster you can use a bone meal. 11. I can’t install the app. Error 506 First of all we recommend you to reboot your device and to try to install it again. If an error 506 appears while installing the app, please read the article below: http://appslova.com/solve-error-506-google-play-store/ Also please make sure you have enough of free space on your device. 12. I don’t have weather settings on my screen. You can change the weather settings only on the maximum settings of the graphics quality. You should go to Options - Graphic (third tab) - Graphics quality and set the slider to High. 13. Everything was fine but the app started to crash. What’s the matter? We assume that the RAM of your device is full. In this case we recommend you to clear the RAM of your device and to close all the applications you don’t need during playing our app. 14. When will be the multiplayer added? The multiplayer is a feature that is pretty hard to implement. But we are currently working on it and will add it as soon as possible. 15. There are no villages in the game. Villages generate only in four biomes: desert, plains, savanna and taiga. To generate those biomes you can use the next seeds: 474890946 (plains biome) -960432368 (desert biome) 495750816 (taiga biome) -841072226 (savanna biome) To generate a biome with one of these seeds you should go to the Options of the game mode (gear icon right under game modes), tap the "New world" button, tap the "Additional settings" button, insert the necessary seed to the "Seed" field and tap the "Create" button. In this way it's possible to generate a biome you need and to find a village in it 16. How to find out the seed of my world? To find out the seed of your world you should go to the settings of the game mode (gear icon right under game modes), tap the "My worlds" button and the "World edit" button (pencil icon) right near the world you need. The seed of your world will be displayed in the "Seed" field.
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    To ride a horse the player should: 1. tap the "Tame" button with an empty hand (maybe several times) 2. tap the "Board" button 3. take the saddle and tap the "Saddle" button.
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    Thank you for the information. We'll check and fix this bug.
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    To make a portal to Nether you should make a rectangular frame, the size of which is 4x5 to 23x23 of obsidian blocks and to activate it with the help of flint and steel.
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    New blueprints and new categories in the blueprint menu Now other players can see your skin in the multiplayer New blocks: Stained Glass, Stained Glass Pane, Concrete, Concrete Powder and Red Sandstone blocks Improved the model of the player’s hand from the first-person perspective Animation of sprinting Animation of placing and destroying of blocks
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    You may create custom items only in the Creative mode. The size of a custom item should be no more than 16x16x16 blocks and it should contain no more than 256 blocks. To create your custom item you should build some construction and tap it with a Hammer. You may find the Hammer in the weapons tab in the inventory. List of blocks that you CAN use to create custom items: Stone, Cobblestone, Granite/Polished Granite, Andesite/ Polished Andesite, Diorite/ Polished Diorite, Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick, Chiseled Stone Brick, Bricks, Moss Stone Obsidian Hardened Clay, Clay Block Netherrack Magma Block Glowstone Nether Brick, Red Nether Brick Block of Quartz, Chiseled Quartz Block, Pillar Quartz Block Sandstone/Red Sandstone, Chiseled Sandstone/Red Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone/Red Sandstone Wooden blocks Wooden planks Slabs Stairs Ores Snow block, Ice, Packed Ice Stained Clay Concrete Trapdoor Iron Bars Fence gate Wall Fence Stained Glass Pane Stained Glass Electrium Lamp (both activated and deactivated) Slime Block Cactus Melon Pumpkin, Evil Pumpkin Block of Coal/Iron/Gold/Diamond/Emerald/Electrium Lapis Lazuli Block Wool Carpet Pressure Plates Daylight Sensor List of blocks that you CAN'T use to create custom items: Grass Dirt Sand Gravel Saplings Leaves Dispenser Bed Rails Piston/Sticky Piston Cobweb Dead Bush Flowers and Mushrooms TNT Bookshelf Monster Spawner Chest Crafting Table Furnace Doors Ladder Lever Torch/Electrium Torch Snow (layer) Sugar Canes Soul Sand Cake Electrium Repeater/Comparator Electrium Vines Mycelium Lily Pad Enchantment Table Brewing Stand Cauldron Dropper Tripwire Hook Block of Carrot/Potato/Beetroot Anvil Nether Quartz Ore Hopper Hay Bale Grass Path Item Frame Nether Wart Concrete Powder Observer Painting String Sign Example:
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    Obrigada. Vamos verificar esse bug.
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    Obrigado pela informação. Vamos consertar isso em atualizações futuras.
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    Não temos certeza. Talvez possamos consertar esse bug de alguma maneira.
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    Olá. Não podemos dizer com certeza. Tentaremos lançar uma nova atualização o mais rápido possível😊
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    Obrigado pela informação. Vamos verificar e corrigir esse bug em atualizações futuras.
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    What’s new in 1.7.0: Quests. Complete quests in Survival mode and obtain useful items as a reward Console commands. Use commands in Creative mode to change time, teleport to another place or enchant items instantly. Type /help in the console to find out more about commands Map. Displays a terrain around a player Sign. Place tips and useful descriptions wherever you want in your world Elephant. New pet that can accompany you in your journey. Tame an elephant and ride around your world
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    Oh, sorry😄 Well, you can try to get to the Nether.
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    Obrigado pela informação. Vamos verificar esse bug e corrigi-lo na próxima atualização. Aliás, qual encantamento você usou?
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    What’s new in 5.1.0: Building mode. This mode helps to build much faster and easier (available only in the Creative mode) New quests. Complete new quests and get an incredible gaming experience Waypoints. Use them to mark some interesting or important places in your world Now you are able to download custom items of other players and upload your own Gamepad support Split controls Swimming animation Blocks: new types of wooden doors and stairs, colored beds, armor stand
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    Hello. Perhaps we'll add some aquatic stuff in future updates.
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    Perhaps we'll improve the electrium mechanics in future updates.
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    Unfortunately, we can't tell you exactly. We'll try to do our best to release it asap.
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    To tame an ocelot the player needs a raw fish/raw salmon. One tap on the "Tame" button spends one unit of a raw fish/raw salmon in the Survival mode.
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    Hello, Tommy😊 Please make sure that there're a sufficient amount of torches or some other sources of light. Also you may set the difficulty level to Peaceful in the options and hostile mobs won't spawn.
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    Here's an email address: anton.pronin@tellurionmobile.com
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    Hello, Tommy. Could you please send us save of your world? This will help us to solve this problem much faster.
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    What’s new in 1.2.0: New items: Egg, Ink sac, Dyes, Night Pearl, Eyedropper, Horse Armor, Snowball New blocks: Cake, Painting, Item Frame, Flower Pot, Saplings, Cauldron, Ladder, Monster spawner, Cobweb New mechanics: Brewing, Enchanting, Trading, Creation of Custom Items Added gravity for falling blocks
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    Obrigado pelo seu feedback. Consideraremos sua sugestão e talvez melhoremos a água em futuras atualizações
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    Obrigado pelo seu feedback. Em breve, planejamos adicionar o console de comando para que você possa verificar sua localização, alterar a hora, etc.
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    Thank you We'll try to figure out the problem with that huge waterspout.
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    Sorry, we didn't noticed your message You should mine lapis lazuli ore to get lapis lazuli. And you can find this ore underground It's a pretty rare block so keep looking for it Soon we'll create our own wiki where you find all the recipes of potions. At the moment there're no mods. You can use the feature of custom items. Here you can get acquainted with this feature: Perhaps we'll add dragons in future updates
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    To ride a pig the player should: 1. Take a saddle and tap the "Saddle" button 2. Tap the "Board" button 3. To control the direction of the movement the player should take a Carrot on a Stick.
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    Благодарим Вас за отзыв. Храмов пока нет, а вот шахты - есть
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    Novos blueprints/novas categorias no menu de blueprints Agora outros jogadores podem ver sua pele no multijogador Blocos novos: Vidro Tingido, Painel de Vidro Tingido, Concreto, Pó de Concreto e Blocos de Arenito Vermelho Melhorou o modelo da mão do jogador na perspectiva de primeira pessoa Animação de Correndo Animação de colocação/destruição de blocos
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    Obrigado pelo seu feedback! Nós já adicionamos uma versão beta do multiplayer na atualização atual. Você deve tocar no "Mundos" no menu principal, escolher o mundo que quiser, tocar no seu ícone e tocar no botão "Com multijogador". Thanks for your feedback. We've already added a beta-version of the multiplayer in the current update. You should tap the "Worlds" in the main menu, choose the world you like, tap it's icon and tap "With Multiplayer" button.
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    To tame a wolf the player needs bones. One tap on the "Tame" button spends one unit of a bone in the Survival mode.
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    Hello! How should we address you? It was a great pleasure to read your post. We're glad you like us and our games and we're going to do our best to please you and other players with future updates Please feel free to contact us if you'll have some questions or propositions Regards, Tellurion Mobile Support.
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    Hola Angel Si y no, debería irme más por la estabilidad porque siempre hay crasheos, la jugabilidad @Tellurion Mobile Support ya ha dicho lo mejorará, es tú teléfono el problema seguramente, seguro tiene Poco RAM, intenta bajar los chunks y la gráfica a ver como te va, es la única forma de que no te vaye lag... ¡De nada!.
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    ¡Hola Angel!... Si estaba seguro que era lo de los botones, pero a mí no me sucede siempre. Eso si de la comunidad, estaré ayudando yo también, siempre y cuando sea de algo que pueda responder. Espero también tu apoyo a la "mini" comunidad.
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    1. As fontes de luz não o emitem. Tochas e outros itens não emitem a luz apenas nas configurações mínimas da qualidade gráfica. Você deve ir para Opções - Gráfico (terceira guia) - Qualidade gráfica e definir o controle deslizante para Médio / Alto. 2. Como fazer um portal para o Nether? Para fazer um portal para Nether, você deve fazer um quadro retangular, cujo tamanho é de 4x5 a 23x23 de blocos de obsidiana e ativá-lo com a ajuda de pederneira e aço. 3. O aplicativo está atrasado e falha. O que devo fazer? Talvez o seu dispositivo não tenha RAM suficiente para o funcionamento correto do nosso aplicativo. Recomendamos que você reduza a distância de renderização e a qualidade dos gráficos. Isso pode ajudar! 4. Como alterar as skins? Para alterar a pele de um jogador, você deve ir às configurações de um modo de jogo (ícone de engrenagem logo abaixo dos modos de jogo) e tocar no botão "Aparência" 5. Há muito anúncio no aplicativo. Como posso desativá-lo? Se você está preocupado com o anúncio, você pode desativá-lo em nossa loja no jogo. Basta tocar no contador de moedas no menu principal e tocar no botão "Stop ADS". É um serviço pago. 6. Como colocar uma sela em um cavalo? Para montar um cavalo, você deve tocar o botão "Domar" com uma mão vazia (talvez algumas vezes), depois você deve tocar o botão "Entrar", pegar a sela e tocar no botão "Selar". 7. Em quanto tempo será atualizado o aplicativo / novos itens, criaturas, recursos adicionados? Nós sempre trabalhamos em melhorar nosso jogo e atualizaremos nosso aplicativo o mais rápido possível. Também tentamos adicionar novos itens, criaturas, recursos em cada nova atualização. 8. Não consigo alimentar meu personagem. O que devo fazer? Você pode alimentar seu personagem apenas no modo Sobrevivência. Para comer algum alimento, o jogador deve estar com fome. Você deve pegar algum item comestível, toque e segure o dedo na tela do seu dispositivo. 9. Como pescar? Para pegar um peixe, você deve pegar uma vara de pesca, ir para um pouco de água, tocar o botão "Pescaria" e esperar até o momento em que começa a morder (você verá algumas bolhas na superfície da água). Neste momento você deve tocar o botão "Pescaria" novamente. 10. Como cultivar plantas usando sementes? Em primeiro lugar, você deve arar blocos de grama, usando uma enxada. Depois disso, você deve plantar algumas sementes sobre esses blocos arados. Preste atenção na localização dos blocos arados: uma fonte de água deve estar perto do bloco arado para a nutrição do solo. Para tornar o processo de crescimento mais rápido, você pode usar uma farinha de osso. 11. Não consigo instalar o aplicativo. Erro 506 Em primeiro lugar, recomendamos que você reinicie seu dispositivo e tente instalá-lo novamente. Se um erro 506 aparecer durante a instalação do aplicativo, leia algum artigo na Internet, como "como solucionar o erro 506 google play". Além disso, certifique-se de ter bastante espaço livre em seu dispositivo 12. Não tenho configurações de clima na minha tela. Você pode alterar as configurações de clima apenas nas configurações máximas da qualidade gráfica. Você deve acessar Opções - Gráfico (terceira guia) - Qualidade gráfica e definir o controle deslizante como Alto. 13. Tudo estava bem, mas o aplicativo começou a falhar. Qual é o problema? Assumimos que a RAM do seu dispositivo está cheia. Neste caso, recomendamos limpá-lo e fechar todos os aplicativos que você não precisa durante o nosso aplicativo. 14. Quando será adicionado o multiplayer? O multiplayer é um recurso que é bastante difícil de implementar. Mas estamos trabalhando nisso e o adicionaremos o mais rápido possível. 15. Não há aldeias no jogo. As aldeias são geradas apenas em quatro biomas: deserto, planícies, savanas e taiga. Para gerar esses biomas, você pode usar as próximas sementes: 474890946 (bioma de planícies) -960432368 (biome do deserto) 495750816 (taiga biome) -841072226 (savana biome) Para gerar um bioma com uma dessas sementes, você deve ir às Opções do modo de jogo (ícone de engrenagem diretamente nos modos de jogo), toque o botão "Novo mundo", toque o botão "Configurações adicionais", insira a semente necessária no Campo "Semear" e toque no botão "Criar". Desta forma, é possível gerar um bioma que você precisa e encontrar uma aldeia nele 16. Como descobrir a semente do meu mundo? Para descobrir a semente do seu mundo, você deve ir às configurações do modo de jogo (ícone de engrenagem diretamente nos modos de jogo), toque o botão "Mundos disponíveis" e o botão "Editar mundo" (ícone de lápis) bem perto do mundo, você necessidade. A semente do seu mundo será exibida no campo "Semente".
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