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    I would like to suggest if you could fix the lighting, like I mean the items that emits light like beacon, etc. I think it's best just to make it bright. Like of example I build my house and added Light to it, instead of my place even more lighting up, it became even more dark and the only way to produce very bright light is to make windows. Also I hate the fact that when I build my home and build the 2nd floor, the whole first floor is just pitch black. When I put glass ceiling, I like to put water for design and stuff, but the water is also making my place pitch black! Pleaseeeeeeeeee fix it
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    I need all types of cars, bikes, helicopter, plane's, mining machine, guns, trains, ships, boats for taking vehicles and traveling rocket, army tanks, helicopters, jets, trucks with attached weapons, it should be moving and motor to remove water from ocean, rivers as we remove water level should be decreasing, add big gates for house, dam, mining it can be used by tapping or by electricity, morden lights, furniture, lift, ascalator, fountain, pipeline to transfer water, add all materials for making dam, railway station, airport, boat station, rocket base, add people to drive vehicles and please add it faster
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    Good Minecraft edition 😀
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