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  2. Hello. First of all, you should mine couple of wooden blocks to create a crafting table. You should open the inventory and go to the crafting tab in it. Then you should create a crafting table in this tab. In our in-game Wiki you can find all the recipes.
  3. Hello. The performace depends on your device. Perhaps the RAM of your device is filled up. We recommend you to turn your device off and on. Perhaps we'll add characters with browm eyes in future updates.
  4. Hello. Currently, no. You can play with other people in the "Worlds" mode. But we plan to add a multiplayer mode in which you we'll be able to play with other players in your own worlds.
  5. Hello. Blaze powder can be found in chests.
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    bro how to find blaze powder
  8. Last week
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    Sheep painting

    How can I create things in realmcraft.
  10. can you play with other people on your game or world
  11. Hello. We'll consider your suggestion😊
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    Hello tellurion mobile games, can you add murder mystery to the mini games? If it happens, thank you in advance
  13. Anyone help me with translate? Ger to eng
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  15. OK, this glitch is the most game breaking and only appears in recent, post-revamp versions. (Is that version 5?) When you craft, you ordinarily find something to craft and start smashing the "Craft" button quickly, multiple times. And apparently, when you pressed the button once, it AUTOMATICALLY CHANGES TO THE FIRST CRAFTING ITEM, mostly IRON BOOTS. This causes a LOT of iron to be wasted, and smelting it only return 1 in 36 iron ingots from 9 boots. This is the worst glitches happening in the game, other than the fact that the build limit is still 128. If anyone is also feeding back this, add the tag "IronBootsGlitch" in the post.
  16. ich komme aus Deutschland :). I am from GERMANY, thanks/qwerty
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    like hopper
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    bro please improve all the mechanism of your game up because after they put a few days they are not able to work
  19. world hello


    You need to MINE the obbie block to achieve the task. In fact, when the achievement detects you having obbie in your inventory, it will automatically fuktill the achievement.
  20. Hello. Please make sure that you picked up an obsidian block. The obsidian block should appear into your inventory to complete this quest.
  21. Thank you. We appreciate it. If you have any questions or need help about our game, please feel free to contact us😊
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    Hi I created obsydian Block but my quest is not completed. Lava and water. And I broked IT. Please help and Tell Me how to complet this quest.
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    Is there a biome with packed ice on it?
  24. The game is very good and I am just playing. I still lack a lot, hope everyone will help
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    egg/bed wars

    No there are no invisible potins in bed wars 2. I never thout of that
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