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  2. Please can you make creative worlds multiplayer as wells because i really want to built cities with my friends but i can't because when we build in worlds either other players destroy the house or the house disapers after 24 hourse
  3. Hello. First of all, you may decrease the difficulty level in the settings. Also try to use some more powerful weapon like diamond sword.
  4. Hello. Sure, there're villages in our game. You may find villages in plains, desert, savanna and taiga biomes. To cook food you should place some eatable item (raw meat) into the first slot of the furnace. Then you should place some fuel (wooden block, wooden items or lava bucket) into the second slot of the furnace.
  5. Currently multiplayer mode is available only in mini games and in pregenerated worlds in the "Worlds" window. In future updates we plan to add an ability to play with other players in your own worlds.
  6. Last week
  7. Foes realmcraft has village like mincraft in which we can make a loot And how can we cook food because in my app the option of doesn't come in furnace.
  8. Your game realmcraft is really fantastic I play it everyday but plas tell me one thing how can we kill witch they throw poision on us and we can not survive from them plss tell how can we survive from them and i think that you remove witches from your game and the quality of your give better felling in previous update not in this. Any way plss help
  9. This might be a really weird question but does any one know of a seed that has lots of rabbits in it? I just find them so cute 😍
  10. Hello. Thank you for your feedback. We'll consider your suggestions😊
  11. Guest

    I found diamonds in 12 minutes

    I had something really similar on one of my seeds which was 796734564. There were 6 different chests with crazy loot in this temple. You literally spawn right next to it too! There were heaps of diamonds and so, so much fricking cake...
  12. Guest

    egg/bed wars

    In bed wars there are hackers just like in egg wars pepole with out bows are killing pepole they are nowhere close to then invisible pepole kill pepole and distroy the bed or egg this makes the game not at all fun for players bellow please post the names of some of these hackers so the devs can ban them one such player is lilly.
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    hello i wanted to ask that can you pls put more villages and more villagers so it becomes more fun and also chests in the village becuz near my house there was only one village with no chests but whereas i love your games and what i also want to say is that when will we get ender dragon in this game and also i wish when i respawn my sheeps dont go and about the update there is like one butterfly season going on which is very good and also i wish you can add the ability to capture villagers in boats and even i wish we can change the colour of our dogs collar and even our ocelots and for sure i hope and wish there will be replythank you so much tellurion mobile for this amazing game.
  14. Hello. What game did you download? Also please tell us the version of the app.
  15. Earlier
  16. Guest

    Animals disappear

    I downloaded this game yesterday and my animals keep disappearing
  17. Hello. There're some snow seeds in the Seeds sub-forum. Here's the link: You can use these seeds to create a new world and appear in some snow biome. You also may travel over your world and someday you'll find a snow biome. What blocks do you mean?
  18. Hello. Please tell us the name of the app and the version you use.
  19. Tellurion Mobile Support


    Thank you for help 😊
  20. Tellurion Mobile Support


    Hello, Mystery man. If you mean spam posts, we check it every day and try to delete posts and block those users asap.
  21. Unfortunately, there's no way to restore your building. In the new update this bug should be fixed.
  22. Здравствуйте. Единственный способ получить этот предмет - скрафтить его😊 Для этого Вам нужен одна долька арбуза и 8 золотых самородков.
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    can i change a normal world into snow world if we can what is seed of it and in some exploring villages they some other blocks they are very small,how to get it please tell
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    I am sorry i put this in this sub forum this section is where it happend
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    I found against the rule post on forum how do i report?
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