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  1. The Jurrasic Craft and Dino Craft experience would be largely improved if the dinos were bigger, now i understand that a gigantic Spino would be laggy but maybe making many predators like Ceratosaurus 3 to 4 blocks tall would make the experience largely improve.
  2. With Adventure Craft getting fish I thought it would be a good suggestion to make the water clearer, and ad more of the fish that you can catch
  3. Loaf


    I have a question, im not sure where to put questions, but is the new update coming to the pro versions?
  4. Loaf


    Nice, Cithulu creature!!!
  5. I was playing Jurassic Craft and thought "hmm I should try to connect my ps4 controller". And I did, surprisingly I could walk forward, It would be sweet for the game to be controller compatible, and it would improve the gameplay, one problem I have is accidentally breaking blocks, I did this often when I was making worlds to upload. This would be an awesome and useful feature.
  6. Loaf

    Gallimimus Eating Fish?

    Sweet!!!!!! Your games are awesome!!!!
  7. Im not sure if I spelled Gallimimus right but I think the Ocelot on Dino Craft and Jurassic Craft should be a Baryonex, a close relative to the spino, this small but fearsome creature was a fish eating predator, the Gallimimus eating fish is very strange due to it being a herbivore, I thought it was strange and I think a Baryonex would be a very cool tame compared to the Gallimimus.