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  1. Erzbischof


    Does anyone know how to place a railtrack on top of a chest or hopper or similar? When I try to build in the usual way the menu of the chest/hopper opens...
  2. First of all thanks for the cool game! My problem: I want to build an automatic transport system with carts. On the loading site everything works well: chest over hopper and when a cart goes under the hopper the cart is loading the stuff. On the unloading site it does not work: when a hopper cart goes over a solid block with a hopper under it, the cart does not unload. When i place the hopper on the level of ground, i am not able to build a rail on it (when i tap the top surface, the hopper menu opens) So question: is there a way to place the rail on the topsurface of a hopper (or chest or dispenser etc)?