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  1. Seeds

    To post a seed you want to share with please enter the seed and a short description of it. Have a good game
  2. What should be added in future releases?

    Our next poll
  3. Realmcraft

    Hello You can craft the saddle. You can get it in three ways: 1. To find it in village chests/dungeon chests 2. Leatherworker sells a saddle in a result of a third deal (it costs 8-10 emeralds) 3. To catch it as a valuable item in the result of fishing
  4. What should be added in future releases?

    Thank you. We appreciate it At the moment we're focused on the multiplayer mode That's what we want to add soon
  5. Advertising frozen sometimes, is it because of slow data on phone?

    You're welcome Hope, it'll help you
  6. Seeds

    When you create a new world, it's divided into huge amount of biomes: jungle, desert, plains, some frozen territories etc. Villages appear only in four biomes: desert, plains, savanna and taiga. These seeds allow you to spawn yourself exactly in those biomes, where villages are
  7. Axe crafting and damage from it

  8. Advertising frozen sometimes, is it because of slow data on phone?

    You can try to reboot your device and to clear the RAM of your device. If it ain't help you - contact us and we'll try to solve this problem
  9. What should be added in future releases?

    No, these're features to implement in the future updates of our apps Some of them will definitely be added in future updates. Some of them you can choose by your own
  10. The Awesomeness of Tellurion Mobile

    So nice to read your comment again Thank you, we appreciate it
  11. Seeds

    In all our games: AdventureCraft, RealmCraft, PrimalCraft, RaptorCraft and AlienCraft
  12. Сorrespondence table of animals and dinosaurs

    Chicken - Therizinosaurus Pig - Parasaurolophus Cow - Shantungosaurus Lion - Ceratosaurus Sheep - Fruitadens Zombie - Cannibal Skeleton - Voodoo Bear - Spinosaurus Scorpion - Kentrosaurus Creeper - Dracorex Polar bear - Nanuqsaurus Spider - Oviraptor Horse - Amargasaurus - rideable mob Wolf - Teleocrater - tameable mob Ocelot - Gallimimus - tameable mob Rabbit - Microceraptor Crow - Pterodactyl Eagle - Quetzalcoatlus
  13. Сorrespondence table of animals and dinosaurs

  14. 动物和恐龙的对应表

    鸡 - 镰刀龙属 母猪 - 副栉龙 母牛 - 副栉龙 狮子 - 角鼻龍屬 母羊 - 果齒龍屬 僵尸 - 食人者 骷髅弓箭手 - 巫师 熊 - 棘龍屬 蝎子 - 钉状龙 爬行者 - 龍王龍屬 北极熊 - 北极熊蜥蜴 蜘蛛 - 偷蛋龍屬 马 - 阿馬加龍屬 狼 - 曼達鱷 豹猫 - 似雞龍屬 兔子 - 微角龙 乌鸦 - 翼龙 鹰 - 風神翼龍屬
  15. GÀ - Therizinosaurus Heo - Parasaurolophus Bò - Shantungosaurus Sư tử - Thằn Lằn Sừng Cừu - Fruitadens Thây ma - Người ăn thịt đồng loại Bộ Xương - Thư Chịu - Spinosaurus Bọ Cạp - Kentrosaurus Creeper - Dracorex Gấu địa cực - Nanuqsaurus Nhện - Oviraptor Ngựa - Amargasaurus Chó sói - Teleocrater Mắt mèo - Gallimimus Con thỏ - Microceraptor Con quạ - Dực long Chim ưng - Quetzalcoatlus
  16. Курица - Теризинозавр Свинья - Паразауролоф Корова - Шантунгозавр Лев - Цератозавр Овца - Фруитаденс Зомби - Каннибал Скелет-лучник - Шаман Медведь - Спинозавр Скорпион - Кентрозавр Крипер - Дракорекс Белый медведь - Нанукзавр Паук - Овираптор Лошадь - Амаргазавр Волк - Телеократер Оцелот - Галлимим Кролик - Микроцераптор Ворона - Птеродактиль Орел - Кетцалькоатль
  17. Tabla de correspondencia de animales y dinosaurios

    Gallina - Therizinosauria Сerdo - Parasaurolophus Vaca - Shantungosaurus Leão - Ceratosaurus Oveja - Fruitadens Zombi - Canibal Esqueleto - Сhamán Oso - Spinosaurus Escorpión - Kentrosaurus Creeper - Dracorex Oso polar - Nanuqsaurus Araña - Oviraptor Caballo - Amargasaurus Lobo - Teleocrater Ocelote - Gallimimus Conejo - Microceraptor Corneja - Pterodactilo Águila - Quetzalcoatlus
  18. Tabela de correspondência de animais e dinossauros

    Galinha - Therizinosauro Porco - Parasaurolophus Vaca - Shantungossauro Leão - Ceratossauro Ovelha - Fruitadens Zumbi - Canibal Esqueleto - Voodoo Urso - Espinossauro Escorpião - Kentrossauro Creeper - Dracorex Urso polar - Nanuqsaurus Aranha - Oviraptor Сavalo - Amargassauro Lobo - Teleocrater Jaguatirica - Galimimo Coelho - Microceraptor Gralha - Pterodáctilo Águia - Quetzalcoatlus
  19. 2.9.0

    In the next update we're going to add: Beta version of the MULTIPLAYER: play and CHAT with other players in pregenerated worlds! NEW MOBS: Fish and Piranha Horse Armor Different Horse Coat Colours NEW SKINS Now you can change the size of controls/ to choose a joystick instead of buttons We added the durability of items. You can switch it off in the settings
  20. 如何改变皮肤