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  1. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Crafting of items

    ASAP We can't say for sure.
  2. Tellurion Mobile Support


    Hey, Alice. You can make a saddle. There're three ways to find it:\ 1. To catch it in the result of fishing 2. To find it in village chests or dungeon chests' 3. Leatherworker sells a saddle in the result of third deal (it costs 8-10 emeralds)
  3. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Candy Slash - level 159

    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, we don't support Candy Slash anymore
  4. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Crafting of items

    Please send us the save of that world. info@tellurionmobile.com
  5. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Crafting of items

    Thank you for the information. We're working on it and we'll try to fix it asap!
  6. Tellurion Mobile Support

    You know

    Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it
  7. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Crafting of items

    Thank you for your feedback. It was Saturday, a day off It's very strange...We'll check this information and try to detect this bug and fix it asap. We're sorry for this situation Btw, does it happen in RealmCraft?
  8. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Realm Craft, Multiplayer ???

    Thank you for your feedback. We've already added a beta-version of the multiplayer in the current update. You should tap the "Worlds" in the main menu, choose the world you like, tap it's icon and tap "With Multiplayer" button.
  9. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Crafting of items

    What model of SONY Xperia?
  10. Tellurion Mobile Support


    新的更真实的玩家模型。 新生成的结构 - 沙漠神殿。 尝试找到隐藏的宝藏,避免致命的陷阱。 我们在定制物品中添加了“删除”按钮。 现在您可以删除不必要的项目。 我们改进了应用程序的优化。
  11. Tellurion Mobile Support


    Các mô hình mới của trình phát, thực tế hơn. Cấu trúc mới - Đền thờ trong sa mạc. Cố gắng tìm kho báu ẩn và tránh bẫy gây chết người. Chúng tôi đã thêm nút "Xóa" trong Mặt hàng chỉnh. Bây giờ bạn có thể xóa các mục không cần thiết. Chúng tôi đã cải thiện tối ưu hóa ứng dụng.
  12. Tellurion Mobile Support


    Новые более реалистичные модели игрока. Новая натуральная структура - Храм в пустыне. Попробуйте найти скрытые сокровища и избежать смертельные ловушки. Добавили кнопку “Удалить” в пользовательские предметы. Теперь Вы можете удалить ненужные предметы. Улучшили оптимизацию приложения.
  13. Tellurion Mobile Support


    Nuevos modelos más realistas de un jugador. Nueva estructura generada - Templo de Desierto. Intentad encontrar tesoros escondidos y evitar las trampas letales. Agregamos el botón "Eliminar" en objetos personalizados. Ahora puedes borrar unos objetos innecesarios. Mejoramos una optimización de la aplicación.
  14. Tellurion Mobile Support


    Novos modelos mais realistas de um jogador. Nova estrutura gerada - Templo do deserto. Tente encontrar tesouros escondidos e evitar armadilhas letais. Adicionamos o botão "Eliminar" em itens personalizados. Agora você pode excluir uns itens desnecessários. Melhoramos a otimização do aplicativo.
  15. Tellurion Mobile Support


    New more realistic models of a player. New generated structure - Desert Temple. Try to find hidden treasures and avoid lethal traps. Added the “Remove” button in Custom Items. Now you can delete unnecessary items. Improved the optimization of the app.