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  1. Realmcraft

    Hello You can craft the saddle. You can get it in three ways: 1. To find it in village chests/dungeon chests 2. Leatherworker sells a saddle in a result of a third deal (it costs 8-10 emeralds) 3. To catch it as a valuable item in the result of fishing
  2. What should be added in future releases?

    Thank you. We appreciate it At the moment we're focused on the multiplayer mode That's what we want to add soon
  3. Advertising frozen sometimes, is it because of slow data on phone?

    You're welcome Hope, it'll help you
  4. Seeds

    When you create a new world, it's divided into huge amount of biomes: jungle, desert, plains, some frozen territories etc. Villages appear only in four biomes: desert, plains, savanna and taiga. These seeds allow you to spawn yourself exactly in those biomes, where villages are
  5. Axe crafting and damage from it

  6. Advertising frozen sometimes, is it because of slow data on phone?

    You can try to reboot your device and to clear the RAM of your device. If it ain't help you - contact us and we'll try to solve this problem
  7. What should be added in future releases?

    No, these're features to implement in the future updates of our apps Some of them will definitely be added in future updates. Some of them you can choose by your own
  8. The Awesomeness of Tellurion Mobile

    So nice to read your comment again Thank you, we appreciate it
  9. Seeds

    In all our games: AdventureCraft, RealmCraft, PrimalCraft, RaptorCraft and AlienCraft
  10. Сorrespondence table of animals and dinosaurs