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  1. Сorrespondence table of animals and dinosaurs

    Thanks for your feedback. To ride an amargasaurus you should tap the "Tame" button with an empty hand (maybe couple of times), after that you should tap the "Board" button, take the saddle and tap the "Saddle" button. Then you may also put an armor: you should take an armor and tap the "Armor" button.
  2. Realmcraft

    Thank you, Opal We appreciate it! We're glad you like it!
  3. The new beta multiplayer chat in RealmCraft is very slow

    Thank you for your feedback. We'll check it
  4. Vitória um

  5. 合成

    床合成 打火石合成 胡萝卜钓竿 合成 弓合成 拴绳合成 TNT 合成 火把合成
  6. Việc tạo ra mặt hàng

    Việc tạo ra giường Việc tạo ra Đá lửa và thép Việc tạo ra Gậy Treo Cà Rốt Việc tạo ra Cây cung Việc tạo ra Dây buộc Việc tạo ra TNT Việc tạo ra Đuốc
  7. Крафтинг кровати Крафтинг огнива Крафтинг Моркови на палке Крафтинг лука Крафтинг поводка Крафтинг динамита Крафтинг факела
  8. Fabricación de objetos

    Fabricación de cama Fabricación de Chisquero de pedernal Fabricación de Caña con zanahoria Fabricación de Arco Fabricación de Rienda Fabricación de TnT Fabricación de Antorcha
  9. Criação de itens

    Criação de cama Criação de Pederneira Criação de Cenoura num Pau Criação de Arco Criação de Laço Criação de Dinamite Criação de Tocha
  10. Crafting of items

    Bed Crafting Flint & Steel crafting Carrot on a Stick crafting Bow Crafting Lead Crafting TNT Crafting Torch Crafting
  11. Advertising frozen sometimes, is it because of slow data on phone?

    We're glad we could help you
  12. Seeds

    You're welcome
  13. We've already found it and edited it a little bit
  14. You can send us a link of the post and we'll delete it