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    The position of player doesn’t matter while fishing: the player can stand in the water, sit in the boat, stand on the adjacent ground near some water (including artificial player-created ponds), in the flying mode (Creative). The size of water reservoir doesn’t matter: it can be even small, shallow pools. To catch some fish the player should tap the “Fish” button and wait till the moment it starts to bite: the bubbles around the bobber appears and the bobber starts to dip below the surface of water. At this moment the player should tap the “Fish” button again. If the moment of biting was missed, the player can wait for the next bite. The line of the fishing rod disappears if the player move away more than 32 blocks from the bobber or if the player stops holding a fishing rod. As a result of successful fishing, the player obtains raw fish, raw salmon, pufferfish, clownfish, garbage or some valuable items. Also the player receives some experience points. As a result of successful fishing, the player can obtain not only a fish, but also some garbage or valuable items. The percentage of catching for unenchanted fishing rod is: fish - 85%, garbage - 10%, valuable items - 5%. Fishing rod can be enchanted using such enchanted books like Lucky Fisherman (increase the chance to catch valuable items) and Lucky Rod (decrease the waiting time).