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    No, there's no such feature in our game.
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    Sorry, we didn't noticed your message You should mine lapis lazuli ore to get lapis lazuli. And you can find this ore underground It's a pretty rare block so keep looking for it Soon we'll create our own wiki where you find all the recipes of potions. At the moment there're no mods. You can use the feature of custom items. Here you can get acquainted with this feature: Perhaps we'll add dragons in future updates
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    Danke für Ihre Rückmeldung. Wir schätzen es! Du kannst Braustand nicht basteln. Wenn Sie es im Survival-Modus verwenden möchten, können Sie es im Kreativmodus hinzufügen und dann den Typ dieser Welt in Survival ändern. Um einen Kessel herzustellen, brauchst du: Eisenbarren (x7) Um einen Trichter herzustellen, brauchst du:: Truhe (x1) und Eisenbarren (x5) Vielleicht werden wir in Zukunft ein Unterforum in deutscher Sprache hinzufügen Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it! To make a brewing stand you need: Blazerod (x1) and Cobblestone (x3). To make a cauldron you need: Iron Ingot (x7) To make a hopper you need: Chest (x1) and Iron Ingot (x5) Perhaps we'll add a subforum in German in future
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    You may create custom items only in the Creative mode. The size of a custom item should be no more than 16x16x16 blocks and it should contain no more than 256 blocks. To create your custom item you should build some construction and tap it with the Hammer. You may find the Hammer in the weapons tab in the inventory. List of blocks that you CAN use to create custom items: Stone, Cobblestone, Granite/Polished Granite, Andesite/ Polished Andesite, Diorite/ Polished Diorite, Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick, Chiseled Stone Brick, Bricks, Moss Stone Obsidian Hardened Clay, Clay Block Netherrack Magma Block Glowstone Nether Brick, Red Nether Brick Block of Quartz, Chiseled Quartz Block, Pillar Quartz Block Sandstone/Red Sandstone, Chiseled Sandstone/Red Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone/Red Sandstone Wooden blocks Wooden planks Slabs Stairs Ores Snow block, Ice, Packed Ice Stained Clay Concrete Trapdoor Iron Bars Fence gate Wall Fence Stained Glass Pane Stained Glass Electrium Lamp (both activated and deactivated) Slime Block Cactus Melon Pumpkin, Evil Pumpkin Block of Coal/Iron/Gold/Diamond/Emerald/Electrium Lapis Lazuli Block Wool Carpet Pressure Plates Daylight Sensor List of blocks that you CAN'T use to create custom items: Grass Dirt Sand Gravel Saplings Leaves Dispenser Bed Rails Piston/Sticky Piston Cobweb Dead Bush Flowers and Mushrooms TNT Bookshelf Monster Spawner Chest Crafting Table Furnace Doors Ladder Lever Torch/Electrium Torch Snow (layer) Sugar Canes Soul Sand Cake Electrium Repeater/Comparator Electrium Vines Mycelium Lily Pad Enchantment Table Brewing Stand Cauldron Dropper Tripwire Hook Block of Carrot/Potato/Beetroot Anvil Nether Quartz Ore Hopper Hay Bale Grass Path Item Frame Nether Wart Concrete Powder Observer Painting String Sign Example:
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    Danke für Ihre Rückmeldung. In unserem YouTube-Kanal findest du Tutorials zur Herstellung von Gegenständen: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2jqGx9MXCUJjYZY_f19vug oder hier im Forum: http://forum.tellurionmobile.com/forum/63-tutorials/
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    Thanks for your help We appreciate it!
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    Thanks for your feedback. No, at the moment you can import Realmcraft skins to Minecraft. Soon we'll add new skins
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    Hey and welcome here Gues abqariisawesome ! Look at the FAQ ^^ :