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    Đường ray

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    😃Yes! 😃You can make a sticky piston open (with electrum and an electrum torch) over the hopper so you can place the track easily, then you can remove the sticky piston afterwards.
  9. Guest

    Really cool game

    Yes, I agree! 😃It is amazingly awesome! 😃
  10. 😃This is my favorite game! It is so awesome!😃 Yes there is a way! 😃 😃I just tried what you were talking about, and I tried making parallel tracks and using a sticky piston to push it onto the other track. Then I realized you can place the rail easily when the sticky piston is open over the hopper! 😃
  11. Guest

    Really cool game

    This is really cool
  12. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Larger Dinosaurs!!!

    Thank you for your feedback. We'll consider your proposition
  13. 👽🤔😍 в То
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    Thank you for your feedback. What device do you use to launch the app?
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    Nuevas ideas para la app

    ¡Gracias por tus comentarios! Consideraremos sus propuestas Thank you for your feedback! We'll consider your propositions
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    1.pezes ballenas pez volador camellos megalodon
  17. Erzbischof


    Does anyone know how to place a railtrack on top of a chest or hopper or similar? When I try to build in the usual way the menu of the chest/hopper opens...
  18. The Jurrasic Craft and Dino Craft experience would be largely improved if the dinos were bigger, now i understand that a gigantic Spino would be laggy but maybe making many predators like Ceratosaurus 3 to 4 blocks tall would make the experience largely improve.
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  20. Guest

    Classic and cool

    My type is dinosaurs and that man that was on Minecraft so repeat this I like Minecraft and I just want to say that I love Minecraft a lot and make sure you make down below check on my YouTube videos be there to see you goodbye
  21. Guest


    Game has died for the second time very frustrating will not be bothering to get it started again. Shame as it was fun Avoid
  22. First of all thanks for the cool game! My problem: I want to build an automatic transport system with carts. On the loading site everything works well: chest over hopper and when a cart goes under the hopper the cart is loading the stuff. On the unloading site it does not work: when a hopper cart goes over a solid block with a hopper under it, the cart does not unload. When i place the hopper on the level of ground, i am not able to build a rail on it (when i tap the top surface, the hopper menu opens) So question: is there a way to place the rail on the topsurface of a hopper (or chest or dispenser etc)?
  23. Me gustaría que pusieran un trineo de perros parra transportar me a mi jugador en el quedaría falta solo dos perro y que tuvieran mas colore de perros y razas de lobos y perros también me gustaría que hubiera un carro para caballos a los cuales podrían cambiar de raza y de nombre también hacer una mejor versión que el minecraft de habitantes para casarse
  24. Guest

    Update Jurassic Craft

    Hi im Zack administer the fortnite
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