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    Custom Items

    Add the nether fortress
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    Crafting of items

    Please help me when ever i open my game and walk around, after 6 or 7 seconds my game stops and hangs and than i have to close it and open it again please help me i dont want to lose my progress!!😫
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    What is the fps button in the settings 😅😅
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    Custom Items

    Thanks and what's the fps button in the settings
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    How to change skins

    I was in peaceful mode and went mining but when i returned all my cows and sheeps disappeared ('_') that is not cool remove this glitch
  8. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Horse riding

    Thank you We appreciate it
  9. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Custom Items

    Thank you for your feedback. We'll consider your suggestions. Also we'll check your information about sugarcane farm and fix it asap.
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    Custom Items

    Please do something that the piston pushes the droped items
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    Custom Items

    I made an automatic sugarcane farm with observer blocks it was working well until the next update but now the sugarcane grows in front of the observer block and nothing happens please help me.
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    Custom Items

    What is the Show FPS button?
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    Horse riding

    Well then better add it quick cause that game is ligit awosome
  14. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Horse riding

    We'll add new natural structures in future updates We plan to add it in the release 3.6 or 3.7
  15. Tellurion Mobile Support

    Pig riding

    Thanks for your feedback. You can't craft a saddle. You may only to find it. There’re three ways to find a saddle: 1. To catch it in the result of fishing 2. To find it in village chests/dungeon chests 3. Leatherworker sells a saddle in a result of a third deal (it costs 8-10 emeralds)
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    Horse riding

    Are there desert temples in the desert?
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    Pig riding

    How do i get a saddle?
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    I think the seed 123172 that cream puff choco posted is the best because the village is right behind you (a stone wall).also,you don’t even have to walk around its just right there.You will spawn near a farm and a village house with a pretty tall cobblestone wall,surrounded by a snowy rocky slope to the right.The cliff parallel to the house with a stone wall also provides a cool landscape along with the many other hills.
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    Seed missing

    Ok so there’s this one seed I use to quickrush for coins. It sets the player inside a village near a lavapool and near it there are some pretty vast mines, although some of them you can die instantly from hitting the floor without proper equipment or jumping to other surfaces first to soften the damage you take. Now Usually you’d have to type in 749200 but it set me inside of a spruce wood forest. I typed in variations of it such as 7498200 947200 9478200 789200 Ect. I try to chop a tree but it’s not as fast because usually in this village there’s this one building bigger than the rest and it is birch but it has a dark oak roof and yeah the balcony thingy whatever it is but anyways on the first floor of this house there’s a chest that just about always contains diamonds, sometimes emeralds (usually unsmelted/not mined) sometimes it will also contain food, and tools and armor ranging from iron to diamonds, (sometimes it gives leather armor and wood tools, although both are rare, especially together) The village also contains a seaport, which leads back into a beachlike area where an above ground ravine can be accessed which contains some decent resources such as coal which is important later when say you’re making a house and it’s not one of those dirt/gravel/cobble houses that most people make, but the ravine can also be a boobytrap if you jump down without armor and don’t even think about aiming for a cliff, or when a dangerous being (example: archers (Woodoos) they can be annoying when in groups for people who are either defenseless or are simply still learning the game and fighting aspects especially ranged) and in general the seed basically is a very good seed for those who want to rush they’re coins and complete builds in creative faster so that they have a chance at putting the buildings into a rather famous server amongst the lists even when switched to survival. But like I said I type it in and it sets me in a spruce forest. Now most of them do a variation of that (every seed is different) while others usually strand me in the default oak/birch forests, and that’s the weird part because that’s the type of forests that surround the village although as you get further away from it there is a spruce forest with 2 villages that I’ve yet to find again that cuts the oak/birch one off. It’s like in some seeds if there was even a storyline to the seeds you’d have migrated further into unexplored areas of either the oak/birch one or the spruce one. I have been exploring 749200 for 10 minutes and 37 seconds, the amount of time it takes for me to go from day to night in the game. So I think, I “I need to setup a permanent settlement here. So I watch a few advertisements to collect coins (preferably after switching it to creative) and set up camp via spawning a forest house. I then switch back to survival and I think, “ok so I’ve taken care of that, but now I have to start putting in some effort here.” And I head up to my bed to prevent myself from getting shot to death let alone having to find my home again. So then after waking up I head outside and stare off into the beautiful, yet strange spruce forest that I now call the place where I lay my head thanks to creative mode. And as I stare off into the seemingly endless world, I’m thinking, “I’m just asking, I, thought there was a village here (btw I haven’t found a single village yet)” and I haven’t checked on the seed “0” yet to make sure it’s not that the terrain generation system received a new code to reference to in numerical order all seeds from 0 to the limit of the amount of digits that the field will generate a terrain based off of reference to those digits, and I’m just asking did the system for terrain generation change? Did you remove the seed to make it more of a challenge for more players or like what I mean I’m not necessarily “mad” at you I mean like I’m reiterating I’m just curious as to why it’s landing me in different variations of the same spruce forest or oak/birch forest depending on the seed I type in because apparently 749200 translates to a spruce forest and certain other seeds translate to different variations of that same spruce forest and I’m just curious and so if you read all the way here and are able to come up with an explanation then thank you so much and thank you for your time. Like, no seriously you don’t know how much it means to me to have this answered because Idk if I’m just forgetting the seed or if the generators code it references to got changed or what but anyways if you read all the way here and have come up with an explanation then thx so much you’re awesome and thank you for your time
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    Jurassic Craft

    Gracias por tus comentarios. Consideraremos tu sugerencia. Thank you for your feedback. We'll consider your suggestion.
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    Jurassic Craft

    Gracias por tus comentarios. Consideraremos tu sugerencia. Thank you for your feedback. We'll consider your suggestion.
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    Jurassic Craft

    Gracias por tus comentarios. Consideraremos tu sugerencia. Thank you for your feedback. We'll consider your suggestion.
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    Dejo de llover.

    Gracias por tus comentarios. ¿Qué "Calidad de gráficos" está configurada en la configuración? Thank you for your feedback. What "Graphics quality" is set in the settings?
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    Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it! Subscribe to our YouTube-channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2jqGx9MXCUJjYZY_f19vug Our Site: https://realmcraft.app/
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    Jó lenne ha több portál lenne

    Köszönjük a visszajelzést. Megfontoljuk a javaslatot. Thank you for your feedback. We'll consider your proposition.
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    ¿Qué debería agregarse en futuras versiones?

    Gracias por sus comentarios. Consideraremos tu sugerencia.
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