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  2. Eeeee. I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow posted a comment that had two of the same quotes in it, I would try to fix it but I don’t know how to. I hope I’m not in trouble.
  3. Seeds

    😃Awesome! So there could be villages in all the worlds? 😃 I’ve got to do some more exploring! 😃This is so awesome! 😃 Thank you! 😃
  4. Frefrire

  5. What should be added in future releases?

    😃Multiplayer sounds awesome! I know it is hard to do multiplayer, and I don’t mind low resolution gameplay if that makes it easier to do. I am used to getting disconnected a lot in multiplayer games that were not as good as your RealmCraft. I rarely have WiFi and the data on this phone is slow. If there is a way I could help I would love to help when I can. You guys are so nice! 😇
  6. Realmcraft

    😃This is awesome! Fishing is a way to get a saddle! I’ve got to try this! 😃g 😃Wow, I’ve got to try these! This is awesome! 😃
  7. Realmcraft

    😃Yes, I was in a forest and the spiders randomly had string (the string looks really neat, it is in a spool) or spider’s eye sometimes. They might be easier to find at night, but I’m not 100% sure. 😂I thought that they were hard to find too, until a bunch of spiders tried to get me in survival mode. It might be random when the spiders are there. 😃I love this game! 😃
  8. Realmcraft

    I can't find string for the life of me! Thought maybe spiders? but can't find them either. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Realmcraft

    Hello You can craft the saddle. You can get it in three ways: 1. To find it in village chests/dungeon chests 2. Leatherworker sells a saddle in a result of a third deal (it costs 8-10 emeralds) 3. To catch it as a valuable item in the result of fishing
  11. What should be added in future releases?

    Thank you. We appreciate it At the moment we're focused on the multiplayer mode That's what we want to add soon
  12. Advertising frozen sometimes, is it because of slow data on phone?

    You're welcome Hope, it'll help you
  13. Seeds

    When you create a new world, it's divided into huge amount of biomes: jungle, desert, plains, some frozen territories etc. Villages appear only in four biomes: desert, plains, savanna and taiga. These seeds allow you to spawn yourself exactly in those biomes, where villages are
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  15. Realmcraft

    I get what you are saying. For the life of me I cannot craft a saddle to ride a horse in survival. Blows my mind.
  16. Realmcraft

    😃The enchanting table looks really awesome, I can’t wait to try out all the enchantments and potions. 😂The hard part will be when I try to do this in survival mode. It’s going to be awesome! 😃
  17. Realmcraft

    😂I know that this is going to sound silly, but when you are in survival mode, do you craft saddles or do you find them hidden in the world?
  18. What should be added in future releases?

    😃Wow! I am very curious what Aether would be like, but I was afraid it would be hard to make. I know someone who would love the family ability or the sponge and mushroom blocks (she probably would like the interior items too). I’m so indecisive. I know the running ability is very helpful, and I think RealmCraft has it. I haven’t tried to run in PrimalCraft yet, but I’ll go test it real soon. 😃 Do the people of Tellurion Mobile get to vote on their favorite ideas? I am curious what you would like best. You guys are awesome! 😃
  19. 😃Thank you, you’re so nice and helpful. I think that is a great idea. I will do that. 😃
  20. Seeds

    😃Oh wow! I would love to get all your games someday!😃 I love your RealmCraft and I recently got PrimalCraft when I saw it advertised in RealmCraft. 😃I got to try all these seeds!😃 Do these seeds mean that you can find villages hidden in these worlds? 😃
  21. Axe crafting and damage from it

  22. Advertising frozen sometimes, is it because of slow data on phone?

    You can try to reboot your device and to clear the RAM of your device. If it ain't help you - contact us and we'll try to solve this problem
  23. What should be added in future releases?

    No, these're features to implement in the future updates of our apps Some of them will definitely be added in future updates. Some of them you can choose by your own
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